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July 2013




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Three short films produced by a St. Louis production

company to be showcased July 29 at the Galleria 6 Cinemas


A St. Louis based film production company, whose mission is open cinematic roles to local talent, is debuting three short, family-oriented movies July 29 at the Galleria 6 Cinemas in Brentwood.  The films, Stopping Before We Go, 7 Minutes, and Mariah, were all shot in St. Louis utilizing local acting, directing and scriptwriting talent.  


Mid-West Entourage Entertainment LLC was formed in April 2008 by a group of diverse and talented people in the entertainment industry. The company provides an avenue for local talent to get their names more publicity, regardless of face value and seniority.


The production company’s founder/co-owner, producer and director, Carlos A. Valenzuela, 32, believes St. Louis gets over looked as a source for creative film contribution. He said the aim is to give local talent links, advice, castings calls and opportunities to work in film projects.


“I believe St. Louis gets over looked whether it’s in film or fashion,” Valenzuela said. “As the saying goes ‘it’s who you know’. My goal is to bring Hollywood to St. Louis to showcase the vast talent pool here. There are a lot of talented people here and I want to bring that to the table so Hollywood can look at St. Louis and bring them work.”


About the films

7 minutes (2011) –a romantic comedy and shot in south St. Louis city, this movie is the Mid-West Entourage’s first film and the directorial debut of founder/co-owner, Carlos A. Valenzuela.  This film produced in conjunction with the Chicago office of the Ultra-Low Budget Screen Actors Guild (SAG) film productions. 7-minutes was honored with the "Award of Excellence" at the 2012 Canada International Film Festival and the “Silver Lei Award” at 2012 Honolulu Film Awards. Starring Hemanth Krishnappa, Angela LaRocca, Christian Vieira.  Written by Rachel Kempf. The official Trailer is at



Stopping Before We Go (2011) – is the second film directed by Valenzuela and filmed in downtown St. Louis at bus stops on Market Street and Washington Avenue. Written by Genevieve Sipperley, this movie is about chance meetings of six strangers at different bus stops who get lessons in life. Starring Hemanth Krishnappa, Julie M. Hale, Sandi Leicht, Carson Hackney, Ed Golterman, Steve Page. This trailer is at 


Mariah (2012) – Mariah premièred at the Tivoli July 17 at the 2013 Cinema St. Louis Showcase.  This movie is about a family moving into a new house and finding out that they’re not alone. Valenzuela produced the film; the movie was directed and written by his wife, Julie M. Hale. Starring Joe Hanrahan, Sandi Leicht, Carson Hackney, Robert Nolan Clark, Shawn L. Chevalier.  The trailer is at




Show times are 6:45 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets are only $12 for all three films. Movie tickets can be purchased at the entrance to the theater at the Galleria on July 29.


In addition, proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the “Peace Meal Project,” a feeding program for immigrants, seniors and the working poor. For more information about program, visit


Valenzuela holds the license to Mid-West Entourage Entertainment LLC.  Company president, HeMan, and Julie M. Hale co-owners and assist Valenzuela in the operations of the film company.



About the founder and co-owner of Mid-west Entourage Entertainment

Carlos A. Valenzuela started his acting career in March 2004 by splitting his time between New Athens and Waterloo Theater plays.  In 2007, Valenzuela got involved with “Live Street Theater” for the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival. From there, his acting career moved into films. From 2007-2008 he did 14 films including feature films as an extra. Feature films include “Kingshighway” starring Eric Roberts, “The Lucky Ones” starring Tim Robbins, Rachel McAdams and “Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligea” starring Wes Bentley. That year he landed his first speaking role in a feature film “Jealousy”. This film premiered at the Tivoli Theater on January 12, 2008. In May 2010 he was part of the TV series “Gangland” on the History Channel.


In 2009 Carlos landed his best role yet for an independent film “The Devil at Lost Creek,” he moved up in the feature film industry by landing a stand-in role in the movie “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney.


Valenzuela was born in 1981 in Zambales, Philippines. Six and half years later he was adopted by Bill & Mary Hagene. He grew up in Smithton, IL. and is a 2000 graduate of Freeburg High School. He later graduated from Vatterott College in 2002 with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Aided Technology. Valenzuela is currently working in St. Louis for an engineering firm as an electrical designer/drafter and is married to Julie M Hale, a graduate of Le Cole Culinary, and is a private chef.