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Church outreach marketing communications

Creativity, multi-media and traditional ways are all effective ways to deliver a solid gospel message


The best, most effective way to deliver the gospel message of hope, deliverance and salvation is the same today in 2012 as it was during Jesus' time one earth - face to face.


Personal evangelism is powerful and basic. Word of mouth!


With people spread out geographically, witnessing face to face with someone miles away is challenging. Our "community" has expanded beyond our neighborhood base and sphere of personal influence. To reach individuals with your message, you need more tools. It is wise to consider a powerful and effective communications effort involving a comprehensive promotional plan.


The idea is to launch an integrated (multi-media) campaign utilizing the tools of advertising, public relations, publicity and promotion - along with sales promotion (evangelism, special events) to reach your outreach objectives.


The (3) areas of focus are:

  • Traditional Media - radio, television/cable, print, billboards, transit, direct mail, flyers
  • New Media - interactive online: websites, texting, e-mail, video/audio on demand, blogs, e-newsletters/brochures and social media
  • Creative - this is the key. You have to develop and project a relevant message that the viewer/listener/reader can emotionally embrace. you have to create a "brand" that not only defines your ministry but also creates an image - a persona. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!

This is an sample radio spot for Church of Christ the Divine, Divine Key Ministries, Pastor Danny J. Coleman, titled: "What do you expect?"





Soaring High Media Group design for

Christian Faith Center Church St. Louis,

Bishop Melvin Dunn, Pastor


























Men of Divine Destiny conference video  at Church of Christ the Divine produced by Soaring High Media Group.











Life experiences go into the making of Christian Comic Reggie Reg

By Walter Pritchard

Soaring High Media Group

     The transition from secular to Christian comedy was painful and personal for comedian Reggie Reg.

     There were no Christian role models to pattern his career after, but a dire situation that would change his life forever helped Reggie make the transition.

     While "pretending to be saved" and playing church, God had to get Reg's backside and put him in the wilderness for a few years for his actions.
     It was there that Reg rededicated his life to Jesus Christ, after which it was revealed to him exactly what his calling was: to make the "Saints" laugh.

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"Tent revivals are not a lost art" says Bishop James E. Holloway Sr., Senior Pastor of Solomon's Temple Church in St. Louis


Story by Walter Pritchard

Soaring High Media Group

(Published in Sparkman Magazine, November 2012)    


     Old fashioned tent revivals, like the one just completed in September, have a special place in the heart of Solomon’s Temple Church’s Senior Pastor, Bishop James E. Holloway Sr.

     "Tent revivals are not a lost art," Bishop Holloway said. "Our church was birthed under the tent." 

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